Thursday, June 4, 2009

USS Hawaii crew enjoys Cocoa Beach, Florida


The crew of HAWAII has enjoyed our time in Cocoa Beach Florida. In addition to the work that we conducted while we were here, we had the opportunity to host a significant number of military, community leaders, and a group of 25 Naval Cadets for tours onboard. We also had the pleasure of hosting several groups of astronauts and engineers working on the replacement for the space shuttle. They were very interested in some of the systems we use onboard for atmosphere control and how they might be applied for use in space. The crew takes great pride in showing off the boat to our many guests. The astronauts were generous enough afterwards to offer the crew a behind the scenes tour of NASA. Many of my sailors remarked that work on the space shuttle reminded them of the work done on submarines at Electric Boat in Groton.

Members of the Navy League also invited both the wardrooms of TEXAS and HAWAII out for a night at one of the member's homes and hosted a party for the crew. Everyone appreciated the support and generosity demonstrated by the local community. Several of the Chief Petty Officers and I were also able to get away for a little golf. Something I look forward to doing more often once we get to Hawaii. The sailors that have served in Hawaii rave about how nice all of the golf courses are.

Things continue to go smooth on the boat and the anticipation continues to build. I have the weather in HAWAII saved on my iphone and check it frequently to remind myself of how nice it is going to be once we arrive home.

CDR Ed Herrington
Commanding Officer, USS HAWAII SSN 776


  1. Thanks so much for the posts. We never get much information from our son, so your descriptions of activities on board and off are very welcome! We hope the journey to Hawaii will be smooth and uneventful.
    Best wishes,

  2. It is great to get the info about what is going on. Please send more when you can

  3. Thanks for the update, sir! It must be very exciting to be able to see NASA through the eyes of a submariner. Go HAWAII!

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