Thursday, May 28, 2009

Counting the days until Hawaii arrival


We arrived back in Florida yesterday. We had some extra free time prior to mooring so we conducted a swim call with the crew. Everyone had a great time until a shark showed up. The crew got out of the water, a little slow for my taste, but everyone including the shark seemed to enjoy the swim. It was quite an interesting drive in to the port. In a one hour period I saw dolphins, sharks, small manta rays and a few sea turtles.

Every night underway the crew watches a movie together. During the week two of the movies had scenes filmed in Hawaii. Everyone was really excited about the scenes and how breathtaking everything is.

Over the next few weeks we will be working hard on our tactics and techniques for several different mission areas including anti-submarine warfare, missile strike, and mine field penetration.

The crew and I are counting the days to our arrival.

CDR Ed Herrington
Commanding Officer, USS HAWAII SSN 776


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  3. Welcome to the submarine blogosphere! I look forward to continuing to read about the adventures of the ship and crew.

  4. Awaiting the arrival of our namesake! Looking forward to meeting all of you!! From your ohana at Pearl Harbor Family Housing!

  5. It was quite an interesting drive in to the port.
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