Monday, June 22, 2009

USS Hawaii makes final preparations for their transit home


USS HAWAII is in Kings Bay Georgia making final preparations for our transit to Hawaii. We completed our weapons systems evaluations with flying colors and have loaded our torpedoes and final food stores in preparation for the transit.

One of the nice things about the submarine force is that when a submarine visits a port, one of the local submarine crews volunteers to serve as the host. In our case, USS WYOMING GOLD is our host. They were kind enough to have the crew over for a party and have challenged us to a golf match. Everyone enjoys the opportunity to swap sea stories and see how the other half lives.

We have been talking regularly with our new submarine squadron staff about the plans for our arrival. The ceremony looks to be a festive event. I hope it will set the tone for the relationship that we desire to maintain with the local community over the next thirty years. Most of our families have left Groton, CT and are now arriving in Hawaii. Moving can be quite stressful for families, especially ones with small children. We have worked hard over the past year to make the transition for each family as smooth as possible. The families have been sharing stories about how welcome they have felt and of course how wonderful the weather and scenery has been. Having our families waiting on the pier for us when we arrive will make the homecoming that much more special.

CDR Ed Herrington
Commanding Officer, USS Hawaii SSN 776


  1. Thanks for the update, Commander. It must feel good to have a proper loadout again! Looking forward to the next installment...

  2. Just wanted to say the Navy Housing crew done here is excited!!! Can't wait to finally meet you all!!

  3. It must feel good to have a proper loadout again!
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