Wednesday, July 15, 2009

USS Hawaii (SSN 776) Arrival Ceremony

The official arrival ceremony has been announced. More information can be found here.



  1. CMDR Herrington and crew. What a delight it's been to follow USS Hawaii's travels to Pearl. Know you're all busy -- and excited -- getting ready to drop anchor for your welcoming during the state's 50th anniversary.

    Swim Calls: Is the shark still following?

    Panama Canal: A civilian like me appreciated the info about manuerving through the locks.

    Late brother was sub CO, program mananger for the early testing/development/successful launches of Tomahawk. Surely he's grinning on eternal patrol about Hawaii carrying his Tommies.

    Finally, I'm writing, with assist from SUBFOR CSCM Tim Jurco, the first-ever submarine cookbook for the general public. My way of educating about the men of The Silent Service who, by the very nature of their missions, receive little public fanfare. Portion of proceeds to SubVets' memorial/museum boat fund for more than 20 in U.S. open to visitors.

    I look forward to receiving- for the book -- some "LOCAL" recipes for the Hawaii versus standard military ones. It's too late to get local recipes from USS Honolulu

    CO HERRINGTON: I'm short on food service-related quotes from officers, although have about 50 from those who wear silver dolphins. AS YOUR TIME ALLOWS, I'd be honored to receive a quote FROM YOU. (SEE BELOW)

    God speed to the Hawaii's crew and my gratitude for service to our country.

    Here's one example cook from the book:

    “There’s no greater factor in the morale of a submarine crew than the skilled cooks. Simultaneously, there are both superb chefs and fast short-order cooks. It’s to their credit that they provide first-rate meals, without replenishment of food supplies, while the boat is a sea for months at a time.” – Capt. John D. Peters (USN Ret); Aiea, Honolulu County, HI; commanding officer, USS John Adams (SSBN-620); past national commander, United States Submarine Veterans.

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